Cassia Tora Seed

Cassia Tora Seed

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Cassia Tora seed is very hard seeds. It is also bold and small. Cassia plant grows in India after monsoon which comes in June or July.The Cassia plant mainly grows in the tropical regions of India and is commercially supplied in bulk from regions of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh also some part of Gujarat and Maharashtra.Cassia Tora is a member of Caesalpinaceae plant family & genus Cassia. It is considered as a wild crop plant.Cassia tora seeds are processed with machine cleaning and looks shiny after the process. The plant is normally known for its considerable medical value. The seed is bitter & salty in flavour, slightly cold.The parts like roots, seeds and leaves of this plant can be used in curing various health problems and diseases.

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